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Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Pre-booking visit

Canine Retreat is a communal, interactive kennel where the dogs play and hang out together during the day. At night time and nap time they have their own individual units.

To make sure all dogs are able to cope with the social nature of Canine Retreat, we will need to meet new dogs and their owners before making the first booking.   This is an opportunity for you to look round our facilities, meet some of our current guests, and ask any questions you may have.

This is an important process for us all and we ask for your understanding with this.

Consent to Board

At your dog’s first boarding with us we will ask you to sign a consent form.

This form contains the following agreement statements;

The philosophy at Canine Retreat is to offer a communal, interactive play group environment and dog owners are asked to accept the benefits and risks involved.

Canine Retreat will seek veterinary attention and advice should this be necessary for the health and well being of all our guests.

In the event of serious illness and the owner cannot be contacted the veterinarian’s decision will be final. All costs incurred are to be paid by the pet owner.

We are very proud of our facilities and consider our systems and management practices to be of the highest standard. All care is taken with your pet(s) but we cannot accept responsibility for illness, injury or death for any reason.

Vaccine Protocol

New Zealand is a great place for a dog to grow up. Lots of fresh air, open spaces, and plenty of other dogs to meet. But while it can be great fun, it also means you need to be aware of some of the risks that your dog faces out there.

Whether they’re the ‘rough and tumble, outdoors’ type or a ‘reserved, stay indoors’ type, it’s a safe bet to assume at some stage, your dog will come into contact with infectious diseases or viruses. It’s important that you know the best ways to reduce the risk of infection.

The best way of reducing this risk is through vaccination.

Ideally, vaccinations should begin with a series of 3 core vaccines, three weeks apart, starting at 6 weeks of age. After that, your dog should receive a vaccination every 12 months.

While all vaccines are important for your dog’s health and wellbeing, the core vaccine is crucial, both for creating a solid base to boost your dog’s immunity, but also for protecting them against the following infections.

In New Zealand, the following are covered by the core vaccine –

Canine Parvovirus

Canine Parvovirus is a very contagious and deadly disease that affects the gastrointestinal system, Symptoms include: vomiting, bloody diarrhoea and dehydration.

Canine Distemper

Distemper is a highly contagious and deadly disease caused by a virus similar to human measles. Symptoms include; coughing, loss of appetite and weight loss, runny nose and eyes, dehydration. Later in the disease, the virus may attack the brain tissue and cause nervous symptoms, including seizures.

Canine Hepatitis

This is a highly infectious viral disease that is spread through the infected dog’s urine. Exposure can mean anything from a mild infection to sudden death, without any previous signs of ill health. Symptoms include; fever, vomiting, gut pain, internal bleeding, jaundice and blue eye (the inflamed cornea appears to be blue).

As well as receiving the core vaccine, you can choose to get separate vaccinations to cover other infections such as:

Canine Cough

Canine cough (sometimes referred to as Kennel Cough) is a common upper respiratory tract infection; it is highly contagious, but seldom fatal. Classically, dogs can get infected in boarding kennels, obedience class, local parks or any crowded situation. Symptoms include: dry hacking cough.


Leptospirosis is most common in the northern half of the North Island. It can be contracted though many sources, but more commonly through brown rats, that carry the infection. This disease has a high mortality rate and can also be transmitted to humans. Symptoms include: fever, weight loss, lethargy. Leptospirosis also causes kidney and liver damage.


All dogs must have...

ALL DOGS AT CANINE RETREAT MUST have the following vaccinations completed and a record kept with their vets or in a vaccination book.

Vanguard plus 5 or equivalent product

Puppies (must be over 6 weeks)

  • Vanguard plus 5 every 3-4 weeks until 14-16 weeks
  • Maximum of 3 injections
  • Booster in 1 year and then every 3 years

Adults (over 16 weeks)

  • One injection Vanguard plus 5 or equivalent product
  • Booster in 1 year and then every 3 years

Leptoguard and Canigen KC

Puppies and Adults

  • Two injections 3-4 weeks apart
  • Booster annually (must be within 6 weeks of due date)

Nobivac KC (intranasal)

Puppies and Adults

  • One intranasal dose
  • Booster annually (with either Canigen KC or Nobivac KC)
  • Effective 3 days after intranasal administration

Health and Hygiene Procedures

We take cleanliness and hygeine very seriously.

All the dogs’ rooms and the communal areas are cleaned disinfected daily.  We use effective but environmentally friendly products that are biodegradable and non-toxic to humans and animals.

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