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Rates and Rooms

The rate for a single room is $28 per day.
A double room, for 2 dogs, costs $45.00 per day.
A triple room, for 3 dogs, costs $58.00 per day

Daycare rates are as above

Please note only dogs from the same family can share a room. 

Rates are charged per day. The day of arrival is always charged. If collection is between 8am and 10am, the day of departure is not charged, if it is between 4pm and 6pm the day is charged.

Daycare rates are as above.

If you are unable to make drop off or pick up within normal opening hours, please discuss alternatives at the time of your booking. There is some flexibility, but there may be an out of hours charge as we have to employ staff to accommodate.  We do not like to disturb the dogs during nap times or when they have settled for the night and appreciate your consideration with this process.

Payment methods accepted: EFTPOS, cash and internet payments. Sorry, we do not accept credit cards.


Pampering is standard at Canine Retreat!  There are no extra charges for administering medications, unneutered dogs, TLC, brushing and cleaning eyes.


Dogs are fed twice daily and in their own rooms so everyone gets the right meal. We feed a mix of premium dry foods, with a little wet food to add interest.

If you would like to bring your dog’s own food or treats please feel free to do so. We have fridge and freezer facility for storage.  Please bring your own food in lockable containers and not in large bags.

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We now offer daycare for your dogs!