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Accommodation - Fun, Play, Snuggles and Snooze

We have 5 doubles rooms (for family members to share) and 10 single rooms. They are all inside and have glass doors, so they are light and bright. When the dogs go outside for play the rooms will be closed to keep out toy snatchers and the doors to the garden are opened so everybody can be inside and outside.

There is a Kurunda bed for each dog with a number of blankets provided. We encourage you to bring along your dog’s own blanket, as this will offer familiarity for them and a feeling of home (please keep in mind a bed should fit in a washing machine, and single wall bean bags are not suitable).

A typical day at Canine Retreat

The dogs are let out to play from their rooms by 7.30am. Breakfast is then prepared and served. Rest time is from 11.45am to 2.45pm. Dinner is served between 5pm and 6pm and bedtime between 6.45pm and 8pm (depending on the season and the weather).

Play time is throughout the day, and we aim to cater for all our guests on an individual basis. An older guest may get tired, want to have a snooze or take a break from all the fun and head back to their room; this is totally fine and encouraged. As an alternative scattered around the kennel, both inside and out, are chairs, loungers, bean bags and cushions providing a variety of places to head off for snooze and a relax.

Some of our guests need a lot of exercise to feel contented. Our aim is to place ours guests in a pleasantly tired space, so they are feeling happy and relaxed before bedtime. For guests who are staying for longer, we can offer lead walks on our land, say hello to the horses or just experience a change of scenery and different smells.

All dogs are different, and their needs vary. In our small setting we can appreciate their personalities and we love spending quality time with each of them.

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