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About Canine Retreat

Canine Retreat – All the fun of the outdoors with those home from home creature comforts!

We are a small communal kennel, where the dogs mingle and play together during the day, and have their own “rooms” at night and nap time.

We like our dogs to be outside as much as possible.  There are no set hours when they are out – only set hours when they are in.  Weather doesn’t stop the fun outside as we have plenty of shade for hot days and huge waterproof sails for wet days.

During their day the dogs can play, socialise or just chill out. We have a lovely garden area with lots of toys, a sandpit and paddling pool, and there are usually some chickens, sheep or cows to watch in the adjacent paddocks.

We take a break of 2 hours around midday, so all the dogs can rest.  Dogs that need more rest can retire to their room whenever they want. As we are a small kennel we get to know our guests pretty well, and we treat them all as individuals.

The indoor kennels are kept at a comfortable temperature with heating or air conditioning.

We like to play happy, relaxing music throughout the day, and we have a large dog-height TV available for watching movies on wet days.  We aim to provide all the comfort and care of home, with the fun and stimulation of socialising with compatible dogs their own size.

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We now offer daycare for your dogs!