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Canine Retreat is a boutique boarding kennel exclusively for small dogs. We are based just outside the village of Wakefield.

We are able to accommodate families of dogs as well as individuals, and our philosophy is to provide a healthy mixture of fun, exercise, chill time and TLC for our canine guests.

We welcome dogs of all ages and will happily take care of guests with medical issues or physical difficulties.


Small Dog Paradise in Wakefield, Nelson


About Canine Retreat

Canine Retreat – All the fun of the outdoors with those home from home comforts!

We are a communal kennel exclusively for small dogs (under 15kg).  Our dogs mingle and play together during the day, and have their own “rooms” at night and nap time.

We like our dogs to be outside in the fresh air as much as possible.  There are no set hours when the dogs are out – only set hours when they are in.

During the day the dogs can choose to play in the garden, socialise or just relax. We provide plenty of enrichment for our active dogs, as well as laps to sit on for dogs that need a cuddle.

We are a small kennel and we get to know our dogs pretty well, so we find it easy to cater to their individual needs.

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We now offer daycare for your dogs!