Small Dog Paradise in Nelson

Canine Retreat was established in 2008 on a lifestyle block in rural Wakefield. The current kennels were built in 2013 and have become a very special holiday destination for small dogs only; a boarding kennel that, we feel, is like a second home. Dogs have their own comfortable space during nap time and at night, and during the day we are here to look after them.

What's more, we have only dog minded (crazy?) people working at Canine Retreat, which means there are no lonely souls here! We are so fond of our guests, quite a few have found their way in to our house :-)

(Have a look at our photos and our facebook page to get an idea of life at Canine Retreat!)

Not a Traditional Boarding Kennel

Not a Traditional Boarding Kennel

We find it important that dogs are out as much as possible to play and socialize, so there are no set hours when they are out, there are only set hours when they are in ;-) We take a break of 3 hours around noon, so the dogs too can rest up from being silly, but outside those hours we are here from breakfast till after dinner. In winter that means the dogs are out 8 hours a day, in summer often about 9 hours. We all play, chase, socialize, cuddle and relax together. Dogs that need more rest, can always retire to their unit. We keep an eye on the more needy amongst us!

The kennels are kept at comfortable temperatures throughout the year, through heating and air conditioining.

We play happy and relaxing music (or more upbeat, depending on the mood ;-) ) throughout the day and a large dog height TV is available for watching movies - it happens! Your dog enjoys all the comfort and care they do at home but with the fun and stimulation of socialising with compatible dogs their own size.

Weather doesn't stop the fun outside with large exercise areas with plenty of shade for hot afternoons and huge waterproof sails for wet days.




Please phone to discuss the breeds we accommodate at Canine Retreat



Arrival & Collection

Monday - Friday 

8am-10am & 4pm-6pm

Saturday 8am-10am 

Sunday 4pm-6pm


Please note we are closed

on Saturday afternoons and Sunday mornings.